What kind of tub does Belly and Bunting rent out?

We rent out an inflatable eco-pool, which is sometimes marketed under the name “birth pool in a box.”

What comes with the pool when I rent it?
The tub, a tub-liner, a floating thermometer, an air pump for inflation, a silent submersible water pump for emptying part or all of the water, two hoses and sink/faucet adapters for the hoses.

No heater?
No, only hard-edged tubs can accommodate a heater. However, because of the volume of water in the tub, it rarely gets too cold. If it starts to cool down, you can simply add a couple of kettles of boiling water to the tub OR pump out some of the water with the submersible pump and add new hot water.

Do you set up the tub or do we?
We are happy to set it up for you if you wish, but usually people prefer to have us bring it over, explain how it works and then leave it for you to set up when labour starts.

How long does it take to set up and fill?
The tub inflates in five different sections. It takes about 10minutes to inflate and 20-45minutes to fill depending on your water pressure. It takes about 30 minutes to empty.

Do you only do this for birth clients?
Nope! We’re happy to provide tub rental as an “a la carte” service.

How much does it cost?
For paying birth clients tub use is FREE. (Although some choose to increase their payment accordingly.)
For a non-birth client, we charge:
$50 for the first week
$25 for each additional week (starting the first day of the additional week)
$60 for an individual sterile tub-liner (required)

You didn’t answer my question – what should I do?
Email us at or call 206-617-3671 and we’ll be happy to help!